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Print-able worksheets for music

Posted in Lesson Planning by P. Conrad on October 11, 2010

Teachervision.com includes a collection of printable music education worksheets that can be downloaded for free (but drawing while listening to music should probably be filed under visual arts). Thanks to David Ephross, jazz bassist and teacher at P.S. 304 in Bed-Stuy, who provided the link.

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Teaching Music Without a Music Room

Posted in Lesson Planning by P. Conrad on December 3, 2009

Teaching music  in the same classrooms where your students work each day with their own teachers is a challenge met by many city teachers in buildings too crowded to allow a separate music classroom. One approach is to load teaching materials and instruments on a rolling cart that serves as a base of operations.

Seven Atlanta-area music teachers contributed to Music ŕ la Cart , a 71-page paperback guide to set-up, management,  and delivery of your cart-based music lessons in schools where there is no music classroom.

In addition, Jane Rivera’s “TuesdayMusic” website has ideas and suggestions for people who work this way.

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Year at a Glance Lesson Planning

Posted in Lesson Planning by P. Conrad on November 21, 2009

In Jefferson County, Colorado teachers are guided by “Year-at-a-Glance” lessons plans that organize each year’s music learning into three trimesters. These are keyed to the district’s standards, but can easily be adapted for use with NYS Arts Standards or with the five strands of the Department of Education’s Blueprint.

The documents are worth looking at as an example of macro planning in music education. Their language suggests that the curriculum writers are familiar with Kodŕly methodology’s organizing concepts (“prepare” / “present” / “practice“).

..First Grade ….. Second Grade …..Third Grade…..Fourth Grade …..Fifth Grade

Jefferson County Schools Music Curriculum