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A live music calendar for NYC students

Posted in Events, For Kids, Where-ever by P. Conrad on December 11, 2011

Music for a Sound Future is a site that helps students find free or low-cost performances of live music in all five city boroughs, with detailed descriptions of each event including a map to each respective venue.

The calendar is an initiative of the Council for Living Music in partnership with the American Federation of Musicians Local 802. It’s part of their effort to counter the trend among Broadway producers toward using canned music in place of pit orchestras for Broadway shows. The site uses GoogleCalendar and includes many Juilliard recitals and some drama as well as music.


Could one of your students go to Juilliard?

Posted in For Kids, NYC Arts Partners by P. Conrad on February 27, 2011

The Juilliard School of Music at Lincoln Center has an extraordinary outreach it calls Music Advancement Program (MAP), which offers Saturday lessons for New York City public school students who show exceptional promise.

For the past twenty years, Juilliard’s program of Saturday instrument-instruction and mentoring has targeted students ages 8 to 14, from New York City schools, who may be under-represented in the performing arts, including black or African American, Hispanic of any race, and Native American students.

Tuition for the program of Saturday lessons is $1500 for the first year and $2500 for the second year, but there is substantial financial aid available.

Advanced-beginning students take classes for three to four hours between 9 a.m. and 2 p.m., while students in the advanced-intermediate course follow an extended schedule, 9 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. (including lunch). Students who do not have access to their own instruments are loaned instruments by The Juilliard School. Obviously, the program requires families to be fully-committed to the Saturday attendance (and 30 minutes of practice per day).

This year, auditions for the program will be held May 14, 2011

Music Websites for Students

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Here are some music sites that are great for kids who just want to explore music, symphonies, jazz . . . and have fun.

  • kidzone Kidzone courtesy of The New York Philharmonic

(Note: you have to fill out a complicated on-line registration form, in order to access the site.)

  • DSO Kids MusicRoom courtesy of The Dallas Symphony Orchestra
  • Playmusic courtesy of American Symphony Orchestras
  • Sphinx_Kids Sphinxkids courtesy of Sphinx Organization (Building Diversity in Classical Music)
  • sfkids SFSKids courtesy of The San Francisco Symphony Orchestra

Classics for Kidscourtesy of Cincinnati Public Radio.

Hip-hop drum sounds triggered by the computer keyboard.

Student Performances

Posted in For Kids, NYC Arts Partners by P. Conrad on February 12, 2010

The TimeOut/MakeMusicNY festival of public music performances is held each year on June 21 all across the city, and it offers a great opportunity for young performers to appear before an audience that’s greater than the school community. (June 21st is the summer solstice, and the same day over 300 cities around the world celebrate their own “Make Music” / Fete de la Musique days.)


A participating school can arrange to have a stage set-up outdoors on a shopping strip near the school where a chorus or music ensemble could perform in a regular program. Obviously, it takes careful planning to bring your students and their families together for the specified time-slot on the day of performance, but the pay-off is huge: kids get some real-world experience as performers.

To register or inquire about the Thursday June 21, 2012 Festival visit the MakeMusicNY site.