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Posted in Instruments, Purchasing for Schools by P. Conrad on May 17, 2010
Please note: This section will be expanded to include elementary band instruments, guitars and other instruments. At the moment, it includes soprano recorders, guitars, and keyboards.

Soprano recorders and keyboard labs are often the instrument of choice for teaching music literacy and performance in schools that do not provide a regular strings, band, or orchestra program. Below are some links to on-line resources for these instruments.


Soundtree is a division of the Korg keyboard manufacturer that designs and supports keyboard labs for purchase by schools. The Soundtree website includes a collection of lesson plans which can be downloaded and used even if your school doesn’t purchase a lab.

Suzuki offers inexpensive keyboard labs. Their whole catalog is available online.

Soprano Recorder:

  • Recorder Karate from MusicK8 is a popular teaching program, but most people rely on a mix of resources and materials.
  • Do It! Play Recorder is a well-produced student book, with CD available (and extensive teachers’ edition) from GIA Publications.
  • Various fingering charts are available: one British site has an interactive diagram some 3rd to 5th graders would find fun.
  • Rockin’ Recorders, by teacher Kay Greenhaw, has transparencies you can print out and use in class.
  • Carnegie Hall offers two outreach programs, Music Explorers and LinkUp!, both of which involve whole class instruction in soprano recorder, and include a valuable prepared curriculum, and a culminating visit to Carnegie Hall.
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